News December 16, 2014

Western Governors Take Stands

by Jackson Hole. Media

WGAThe Western Governors’ Association has adopted four new policy resolutions on issues concerning methane emissions regulation, grazing on public lands, management of wild horses and burros, and natural disaster recovery aid. The Association  represents the Governors of 19 Western states including Wyoming and Idaho, as well as 3 U.S.-flag islands.Under the agreements, the governors are calling for thoughtful, appropriate, science-based management for wild horses and burros whose populations are currently not being adequately managed by the federal government. The governors are calling for science-based management decisions concerning grazing rights on federal lands. They are calling for any new federal regulations for methane emission reductions in energy-producting states to recognize state authority under the Clean Air Act., and finally, the governors again addressed the federal government’s repeated denial of petitions for long-term recovery after wildlife disasters around the west. The governors met December 6 and 7 in Las Vegas.

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