More News May 9, 2016

Hooking Up With The Airport

by Jackson Hole Radio News


The Jackson Hole Airport wants to connect to the Town of Jackson Sewer Plant and the Town Council is moving forward with conceptual plan to see if it will work.

Public Works Director Larry Pardee to councilors that a sewer capacity study has been completed and staff hopes to meet with their consultant soon to discuss available room for more effluent at the plant and what the capacity of the system will be after a possible connection of the airport. “Once we know that, the first thing we are going to be studying is this,” Pardee said, “At that point we’re in a strong position to move forward.”

Pardee said the airport may have to help pay for improvements to the collection system as the town has foreseen having to upgrade or repair portions of the sewer lines between the airport and the plant.

The town currently proposes to repair part of the line as part of their Capital Improvement Plan, but not until 2020.If the airport wants to connect sooner, the town would need to determine if the airport would need to cost-share.

Town Administrator Bob McLaurin told the council that while there would be a lot of work to be done, hooking up the airport was an environmentally sound decision.


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