More News May 27, 2016

School Site Rezone Moves Forward

by Jackson Hole. Media


While many still wish the new school construction site was not in Hog Island, the School District move one step closer to reality this week.


The Planning Commission of Teton County voted in favor of a requested rezone of the land the District purchased to ‘Public’.


The location had fallen in the ‘Rural” district, but as is the norm for government-owned land, it will now be under the public/semi-public zone.

The rezone application was not, said planners, an evaluation of the appropriateness of this site for an elementary school and the School District still need to come through a process prior to construction of the new elementary school it plans to build at the site.

The new zoning does permit a great deal of flexibility in the dimensional standards of the land where, under rural zoning, the largest amount of floor area would be about 6100 square feet. No such floor area restriction applies in the P/SP designation, nor do setbacks or height limits apply.

The 20-acre parcel would have been included in the Hog Island Home Business subarea under the new comprehensive plan, where light industrial uses could take place.

The next stop for the zoning application will be in front of the Board of County Commissioners.



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