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Alliance Supports Short-Term Rentals Downtown

by Jackson Hole. Media

In a meeting with the Jackson Town Council earlier this week, the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance came out in support of allowing short-term rental condominium construction in the downtown zone.

Executive Director Craig Benjamin spoke about the group’s support of the VRBO type units some developers would like to build in Jackson. He told the council that in order to empower private sector housing solutions, short-term lodging use of market-rate residential units should be allowed.

Benjamin said the group was initially concerned about the short-term use, but after meeting with downtown businesses, their conclusion was that the use would provide incentive for affordable units in the zone.

“In order to effectively empower the private sector to produce housing affordable to people who work here, please do include short-term rentals as part of the workforce housing incentive program.” Benjamin told the council.

STRENT from Scott Anderson on Vimeo.

Councilmember Jim Stanford was opposed to allowing short-term rentals in the downtown core saying that without a tradeoff, “It would create an additional 1.1 to 2.4 million square feet of commercial development potential.”

The Alliance also supported a tool that would allow property owners to redevelop to existing standards.

“In order to protect property rights and to encourage redevelopment, we would encourage you to find an appropriate way to grandfather in existing buildings in District 2 that currently exceed the proposed base FAR (floor area ratio),” Benjamin said.

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  • It makes no economic sense for incentivizing the building of affordable housing. The town has a limited amount of land and I thought the affordable housing was to be specifically in town. Short term rentals will take away the options for year round workers to live in Teton County.Short term rentals only increase the commercial opportunities that drives the cost of living higher; specifically affordable rental housing. The supply of affordable housing is more restricted than before. The Alliance has sold out by changing its position on short term rentals.

  • Seems odd that the Alliance would backtrack on their commitment not to expand commercial and lodging potential past the 1994 plan numbers. I think they are getting a bit lost and losing their focus.

    Our town is already overpopulated with people and cars. Any additional development beyond what is allow by right currently should be focused specifically deed restricted workforce housing in the walkable urban core.

    There should be no bonus short term rental opportunities in District 2, in fact, there should be no bonus market rate housing allowed. Any additional FAR allowed in District 2 should be exclusively dedicated to employment based deed restricted apartments that are limited in size and have no parking requirement.

  • This does nothing to help our housing shortage here in the Hole for seasonal employees, year round workers including our grown kids who are having a difficult time finding a roof over their head. If anything, it will make seasonal and long term rental housing damn near impossible in town. If this is approved it means more employee traffic coming from other areas of the valley and over the hill competing for parking with the cars of tourists staying at these proposed short term rentals.

  • i think the alliance must have some benefactors who want to rent their houses short term.

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