- June 2, 2016

Gill A Generation 5 Candidate Values Local People, Businesses

by Jackson Hole. Media

Nikki Gill is from a fifth generation ranching family here who grew up on the Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch where she currently works.  In addition she works managing her family’s commercial real estate.

She holds a B.S. in Business Administration and a Politics Minor from the University of San Francisco.

We asked Gill why she sought to serve on the commission as her grandfather Ralph did.

“Just like the four generations of my family who lived in Jackson before me, I care deeply about our community. As County Commissioner I plan to fight to maintain the community character that makes Jackson so special. The working families, middle class and local businesses that make-up our community core are the ones most affected by our housing crisis. If we lose these groups, we lose the heart and soul of Jackson Hole.

My experience working alongside both my dad, Robert Gill, and grandfather Ralph Gill, has provided me with a more intimate knowledge and understanding of many of the issues that our community has faced in the past. This historical knowledge gives me a unique perspective and will allow me to make more informed and educated decisions regarding Jackson’s future.

I strongly believe that the Town and County need to start working with the private sector by providing incentives and giving landowners and developers some relief from the exorbitant development fees so we can start making progress on creating affordable housing

Furthermore, I’m running because my generation is the least represented in local government, yet they are some of the most affected by the housing crisis. They want someone who has a better understanding of their needs who is willing to advocate for them. If we don’t start taking serious action soon we are going to force an entire generation and class out of Jackson.”

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