- June 2, 2016

Housing March Planned for Monday

by Jackson Hole. Media


A group of residents wants elected officials to know about some solutions for the housing problem in Jackson Hole.

So on June 6th the group, known on Facebook as Shelter JH, will meet St Johns Church and then march to the Town Hall for a rally at 5PM and a town council meeting at 6.

Organizers of the event say that Jackson is in a state of emergency, that the town council is just saying “no to every idea that comes up,” and they are circulating a petition supporting immediate solutions for housing. In part, the petition states that they say “yes to shelter and housing for our neighbors – even in our backyards, our frontyards, our public land, and our streets. We support policy solutions like allowing trailers on public land in town and allowing people to park RVs overnight in our public parking lots driveways and streets. We call on the Jackson Town Council to take emergency action now.”

Specifically, as of Wednesday, the group had drafted three short-term solutions to bring to the council including creating a “Trailer Town” wherein the group would seek property, zoning, and money from taxpayers to pay to  “bring in fully-equipped trailers (like what they use in the oil fields) as safe year-round housing for hard-working families” Potential locations for the trailers were called out such as the fairgrounds and Stilson Ranch.

Another proposal is to create a permit system so workers could sleep in RV’s or automobiles in public parking lots such as the Home Ranch lot on North Cache. In this plan permits would require proof of employment and a fee to cover administration. Would be campers would be required to leave the parking lots first thing in the morning.

Also included in the draft solutions was to allow overnight camping on town streets. In this plan, “workers can buy a permit to sleep in RVs or vehicles on public streets in the summer. Permits also require proof of employment and a fee. and the town and county can decide which streets are appropriate.”

The council has discussed camping for workers in the recent past but declined to allow it.

March participant Mary Erickson said she hoped the event would start the “YIMBY” movement – Yes, in my backyard.

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  • “Permit system” is, of course, unenforceable. Will the police go around at 2 AM knocking on the windows of Subarus, checking permits? Who will be for the extra policing? For the new “squatting permit” bureaucracy?
    How will the Subaru camper answer nature’s call in the middle of the night when they are camped on Willow Street? We all know the answer, but let’s get it out on the table.
    Will public urination and defecation still be illegal?
    Are any of these folks planning on bathing?
    So Jackson will have its own Favela.

  • Village Road and the west bank / stilson and Teton Village and JH Golf and Tennis are def the perfect places for campers and camping. East Jackson is not.

  • If you folks really want affordable housing fast you’d lobby for trailer parks– but here is a fact– not everyone can afford to live here– and the more you prop up the big resorts the worse it will become— Id suggest many should move where they can afford to live. I can tell you taxing the blue collar folks like me, more, to pay another’s mortgage is not only unjust but will drive many already struggling from the valley. Not one more tax payer dollar to pay another’s mortgage so the resorts can make huge profit and grow– the resorts can pay higher wages — the resorts can house their own employees- and the snobbish teton county government that is lobbied by the tourist industry can cut regulation to allow that to happen! demand it! As for opportunities they are created by individuals not given nor guaranteed in a free society- You folks keep voting for socialist liberal government and this is why we are in this situation– It is not the governments job to provide housing by taking money from one to give to another— and if your here illegally you deserve nothing but a ticket home. Its not what America can do for you its what can you do for America besides take– Not one more dime of my money to house another– I live don forest- in motels- cheap apartments and yes a mobile home– we worked a couple jobs a piece to have a home here– I owe you nothing from my earnings and nothing is what you’ll get– let the free market work it out and vote for true conservatives. JH conservation alliance is not a friend of housing they have locked up the only private land in the valley– after they built their own homes— do I empathy or sympathy for those here without housing? Yes but taking more of my tax dollar to GIVE you housing is dead wrong and you should be ashamed to ask for a hand out– Move where you can live thats YOUR responsibility- mean time tomahawk shops and resorts can close for lack of employees– Im not here to make sure they profit and their presence means you cant afford to live here. Not one more dime—

  • Common Cent$,

    You have an extra chromosome.

  • Common Sense,

    You contribute nothing to this town but an Internet rant 3x a week. Go back to Alabama with your cousins……imbread slackjaw

  • Ski Patrol care to crawl out of your mamas basement and say that to my face? Not one more dime of tax money to prop up housing for ski patrollers- or anyone for that matter– cowardice SOB let me know if you care to have coffee! If the tax would pass thousands of us will make sure we shop out of town- its easy. Your employers can pay more and you can vote to deregulate so housing can be built– instead you hide behind your screen with your hand out begging for someone to care for you— I dont owe you dime and guaranteed you wont get it— Coward. most coddled generation in the history of US. If you cant afford to live here and your boss wont pay don’t let the door hit you in the backside- I don’t owe you your mama don’t owe you and a true democrat said its not what my country can do for me its what can I do for my country– Get off your collective arses and quit asking for others money! Doc if I do its a higher one than you– I don’t beg for the government to take away from others and give to me so the tourism industry can reap huge profits and the powers that be shut building down with regulation—- bite me-

  • Obviously common sense doesn’t know the meaning of an extra chromosome. Hahaha

  • Jackson suxx period. Can’t wait until I get to leave this hub of the asshole universe and the dirty hippy liberals to the elitist entitled douchebags, I wish Yellowstone would blow and make this place uninhabitable, it’s already ruined.

    • Ya know what would be sweet? If this community would go back to caring about more than just one topic.

      The housing situation will never be solved so let’s re-focus on making life great again for those who have figured out how to live here.

  • I get the frustration. But allowing people to park RVs and vehicles everywhere throughout town to live in is absolutely ridiculous. Also, hate to say it, but Jackson sure isn’t going to allow trailer communities like the oil fields. I also have no sympathy for the ski bums that work 1 season out of the year and complain about housing. Or the people that move here for the summer and act as if they are locals suffering. Sorry, but get a grip. Come up with real, possible solutions. Resort towns all over the country face these exact same issues.

  • Duke 2018 obviously you don’t have a suggested solution thats viable— I do know that taking tax dollars from a working man to give to another for housing is theft- and those asking for it are beggars– bite me- and more importantly if you cant afford to be here leave- its not our responsibility to house you so you can have a ski pass– get a real job in a real town and quit begging-

  • Quick question: How is this going to work for the large number of workers in the service industry who work late- restaurants and bars close midnight-2AM?
    Seems like it will be pretty hard for those folks to get going “first thing in the morning”, don’t you think?
    Property owners in Jackson are going to have to learn to keep the noise down till late morning, I’m thinking. Can’t be waking the squatters up too early, make them grumpy.

  • The writing says it all. Obviously the Alabama public schools that common sense attended did not get taxpayer support. Now he’s toothless, uneducated, and sits in his trailer park all day while tickling himself to a computer screen. He’s takes more handouts than most people combined.

  • Justin – I offered up a solution something not one of you have done— you whine and slur and be a spoiled brat but your not getting a dime of housing money from me– I bet all of your grandparents are rolling in their graves at your begging and demanding others support you– make you the same offer as the rest– come out of hiding behind the screen in mamas basement I’ll buy you coffee and you can try and speak that way face to face– internet cowards— Not one more dime of taxes– earn your own way– and if you want coffee say so and we can hook up– Not everyone can live here- particularly those that don’t have the brass to carry their own weight-

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