- June 1, 2016

Plant With Wildlife in Mind

by Jackson Hole. Media

A new publication from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department will help you design your yard and other outdoor spaces to be wildlife friendly. The guide, Wyoming Wildscape: How to design, plant, and maintain landscaping to benefit people and wildlife is now available online and in print. The guide can be downloaded from the Game and Fish Wildlife in Wyoming webpage or picked up at any of the regional offices.

“Something we can do to help populations of both resident and Neotropical migratory birds is to plant native wildscapes – landscaping that benefits both people and wildlife,” said Andrea Orabona, Game and Fish non-game bird biologist.

Wildscaping can be done on virtually any piece of land of any size if a wildscaping plan is developed and followed. The practice can also increase property value by providing enhanced landscaping while reducing water costs by up to 60 percent and water use by up to 70 percent because it saves water used in maintaining a Kentucky bluegrass lawn.
“This is a great spring through fall project, and our guide can help anyone to design, plant, and maintain a native landscape,” said Orabona.


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