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  • They are selling the permanent increase in the sales tax as a replacement for the SPET tax.
    I guess what bothers me most about this is that they think we are stupid enough to believe that, if they get the sales tax increase, they won’t come back in a year with a ballot initiative to reinstate the SPET tax.

  • No, I don’t trust the electeds with more money. It seems that most of the money will go to 3rd party non-profit organizations with no accountability and oversight. When the cost overruns and stories of mismanagement roll in the electeds hope to have plausible deniability by pointing fingers.

    The SPET tax was just what it’s name implied and voted on by the local taxpayer and a much better tool.

  • NO! Your taxing the middle class out! A few points.

    Not everyone can or ever will be able to afford to live here.
    We cant grow up or out because of REGULATION yet you continue to vote for more regulation.
    Save Jackson Hole JH conservation alliance and others are not a home seekers friend— they have their homes here and want you kept out — Yet you support them!
    The snobbery here is deplorable— You should be be clamoring for private trailer parks and dorm housing. But they are not ‘pretty’ enough.
    Taking from one and giving to another does not create prosperity.
    A tax that does not benefit everyone like a road or a sewer system is unjust.
    The resorts and tomahawk shops are reaping (raping) the valley at huge profit and then lobby for you and I to pay yet more in taxes so they can survive— wages have been stagnant for 20 years in the labor force– whats your ski pass done?
    Your not entitled— like many generations before you few can live here let alone live here a life time. the richest county in America and you think someone should pay for you to be here.
    Socialism sucks and has failed miserably time and again.
    Ask not what your country can do for you- but what you can do for your country, VERY famous democrat said that look it up.
    Its not my job to provide housing or anything else so the tourism industry can prosper- I don’t have to buy ANYTHING in this valley that would support the tax and either do you– and would not buy anything that generated this tax.
    Grow up- move your family where there is work and housing- the free market would quickly work this out.
    More importantly quit supporting the silly crap the politicians run by you– this is America and private property rights are still valid- if you want a house there has to be a place and rules you CAN legally do that– Not one more dime to pay another families mortgage- I too was homeless when I came- and by grace of God found a way to stay- now you want to add more tax burden? Bite me!

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