- June 14, 2016

Teton County Turns Down Free Land

by Jackson Hole. Media


A year ago Mike Halpin offered to donate two lots at the Alpine Meadows subdivision to Teton County with the stipulation that housing be built there quickly.

Today, County Commissioners said no, thanks.

In an official letter to Halpin, Chairwoman Barb Allen told Halpin that his offer did not serve the needs of Teton County.

“Teton County shares your desire to explore many possible routes toward alleviating the workforce housing shortfall in the valley, and we are committed to evolving the community’s public housing program,” the letter read.

Halpin had offered the lots in Alpine provided the county began construction on housing within a year.

He made the same offer to the Town of Jackson which also declined to accept.

Two additional lots were made available to Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area who did accept the donation and plans to build this summer.




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