More News June 16, 2016

Wildlife Advocates Propose Permanent Grizzly Bear Conservation Area

by Jackson Hole Radio News

At the public meeting concerning the Wyoming Game and Fish’s draft grizzly hunting regulations Wyoming Wildlife Advocates proposed a Grizzly Bear Permanent Conservation Area to be created in Jackson Hole and the surrounding area. Trophy hunting of grizzlies would not be allowed within the area.

WWA Director Kent Nelson said grizzly hunting was socially unacceptable, biologically and ecologically suspect, and economically incompatible with the area’s wildlife tourism-based economy. He noted that Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, the National Park Service, local business organizations, conservation groups and citizens were all opposed to trophy hunting that would put the area’s famous bears – all of whom are known to exit the park boundaries – at risk.

Nelson concluded his statement by noting that the proposal would maintain – and enhance – Jackson Hole’s status as a world class wildlife viewing destination.

The meeting, held Tuesday evening in Jackson, was well attended and many of the people who commented noted the value of grizzly bears to the local economy.

See the full statement at the WWA website here.



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  • o.k. That’s all fine and dandy. Who’s going to pay for the increasing costs of managing the bears? Guessing that none of these organization that oppose delisting are going to donate the large sums of money that will be necessary and the burden will fall on WG&F, which equals the burden falling on to hunters shoulders. The same hunters that have funded G&F grizzly bear recovery efforts. Everyone want’s to feel like a hero saving a cute fluffy animal without thinking of the real world repercussions.

  • jurassic park here we come. time to buy the wife and kids bear spray.

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