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Drama Over School Sewer Pipe Today

by Jackson Hole. Media

On July 5th the Jackson Town Council voted to send the discussion of the potential sewer connection for a controversial new school at Hog Island to a workshop meeting today.


Councilmembers Jim Stanford and Bob Lenz expressed their dissatisfaction with the site selection process for the Munger Mountain school and were prepared to vote to deny the connection, but chose to continue the item until this afternoon.


Because Mayor Sara Flitner has recused herself from the vote due to a contract her business has with the school, the decision has come down to 4 votes. If the last meeting was indicative, it could result in a tie vote, in which case the connection will be denied.


Stanford has told the school officials that they did not go through the correct procedure to choose the location for the facility, a charge the school district denies.

The planning department has told the council that the location of the school site selection or local planning and zoning is not relevant to the sewer connection and use agreement discussion before the Town Council.

The staff report points to a 1981 Wyoming Attorney General opinion states that “as to school site selection, the Wyoming legislature has delegated that authority to state and local school officials and thus preempted county officials from applying their zoning requirements to public schools.”

That legal opinion doesn’t mean the town has to allow the sewer hookup.

School COO Brad Barker told Stanford at the July 5th meeting that the school would be built with or without the agreement to hook up the sewer line. Barker said an on-site sewage treatment plant would be built.

Today’s meeting starts at 3pm.


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