- August 22, 2016

Candidates For Mayor Reveal Focus

by Jackson Hole Radio News


If Pete Muldoon wins the Mayor’s race, he will concentrate on a variety of issues including a renter’s bill of rights and funding the Redmond Street Rental Housing project.


If Sara Flitner is reelected, she will set her sights on finishing the land development regulations and bolstering social services for residents.


The two are facing each other in November’s general election after besting Mark Obringer and Stephan McDonald in last week’s primary.


Throughout the campaign, jacksonhole.media will be posing questions to the candidates and let them answer in their own words, unedited.


Question for Pete Muldoon: If you are elected Mayor, what are the first ten things you would do as the Town’s top official?



PM: In no particular order, and I’m sure I’m leaving some things out.


  1. Passing a Tenant Protection Ordinance to give renters some rights.
  2. Establishing town housing and transportation trust funds for the Town’s share of the additional 1% sales tax
  3. Passing an ordinance banning sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination
  4. Finishing LDR’s while following the Comp Plan’s limits on commercial growth
  5. Amending the Snow King Master Plan to safeguard the Town Ski Hill and bring the housing mitigation in line with the rest of town.
  6. Increasing the workforce housing mitigation requirements on new development, especially development with low-wage job growth.
  7. Preparing a short-term housing solution for next summer utilizing the ideas we developed at ShelterJH.
  8. Getting Jackson certified as an Age Friendly Community.
  9. Fund the Redmond Rentals affordable housing project
  10. Identify suitable affordable housing properties in town and purchase them, then place the construction projects on a SPET ballot.
  11. Expanding access to quality day care for town residents.


Question for Sara Flitner:  If you are re – elected Mayor, what will you focus on in the new term?


SF: Results. People want them faster, and so do I. Looking back, I am proud that we unified housing efforts, wrote a housing plan, hired a director, and are putting the finishing touches on a supply plan. Those actions will mean results for middle and working classes and protect community balance. I will continue to work through the LDR’s with balance, fairness and compromise and get through them all next year.

I will identify better ways to support the social services in our community. They say we should be measured by how we treat kids and old people. That’s a good measure.



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  • Mr. Muldoon intends to implement some sort of “Tenant Protection Ordinance”. Interesting. I wonder if he understands that he may well be attempting to preempt existing State law. I must be wrong about that; surely Mr. Muldoon has looked into this issue, and is not simply making expedient political promises to garner votes.
    But, just as a matter of interest, someone should ask him about that. Too bad there are no journalists around. They used to do that sort of thing, as I recall. Anyway, I hope he gets elected- it will be hugely entertaining.

  • Enacting renters laws will diss encentivise devellopers from building housing. It will not solve the problem only exacerbate it. Look at other resort communities. It is dangerous to make laws in a vacuum without considering the ripple effect of such laws. Look out Jackson under a Pete leadership you are one step away from becoming California.

    • This talk about “tenants bill of rights” reminds me: I have to raise the rent on my guest house before the election.
      You are right about California: people like Mr. Muldoon could be happy in Portland, or anywhere in California. But they have to come here.

  • Muldoon has to come up with 10 specific actions while Flitner answers a vague wishy washy question?
    That’s poor journalism.

  • Electeds have been telling us that SPET is going to be gone after the Budge Slide is paid for, so that if the General Excise Tax increase is passed in November our tax rate will stay at 6%. At least Pete is honest about wanting to raise our taxes to 7%.

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