- August 29, 2016

County Seeks Barrasso’s Help In BLM Transfers

by Jackson Hole Radio News


Since 2004, officials in Teton County have worked to secure several properties from the Bureau of Land Management along the Snake River. The land was deemed appropriate for recreational use and conservation protection.


The transfers have gone forward under a laws called the Recreation and Public Purposes Act and the Federal Land Policy Management Act. But a few remaining parcels for transfer do no meet the requirements under those rules, so the county is asking for congressional help.


In a letter prepared for approval at today’s county meeting, commissioners ask Barrasso for guidance.

“At this time,” the commissioners write, “having spent more than a decade involved in the BLM Parcels transfer process — Teton County would like to respectfully request the advice and assistance of your office in determining how our community might continue to move forward, either through legislative actions or other methods as deemed appropriate. “

Parcels have been used as part of the Snake River Management plan overseen by Parks and Rec.


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  • The County will not be a good steward of the land, look at what the elected officials have done with the rest of our county

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