- August 30, 2016

Motorists Reminded That School Will Be Back In Session Soon

by Jackson Hole Radio News


The Town of Jackson and the Jackson Police Department are reminding motorists to be extra alert this time of year as school will be back in session soon.   It is an exciting time for children, especially children who will be attending school for the very first time.   Unfortunately, it also means that young, inexperienced children are in the traffic mix walking along the side of roads and waiting for buses. Please watch carefully for children near school buildings, in areas where school buses are traveling or where there are signs for school zones or bus stops. Remember that if you are approaching a school bus from either the front or behind, and its yellow lights are flashing, the bus is preparing to stop. If the buses red lights are flashing you must stop.


Motorists are asked to drive cautiously and allow themselves plenty of time to get to their destinations especially at times children will be getting on or off school buses.  Jackson Police will be enforcing speed limits and school bus passing violations in and around school areas and where children are being picked up and dropped off.  The safety of children, cyclists, and motorists is a priority for the police department.  Motorists can help reduce risk to children going to and from school by:


*  Slowing down in school and residential areas


*  Watching for clues that give warning of children in the area (bicycles, crossing guards, school busses)


*  Obeying all traffic signs/symbols


*  Avoiding school zones if possible during arrival and dismissal hours


*  Clearing any frost, fog or snow from windows before driving


Parents are encouraged to instruct their children in safe crossing practices before the opening of the school year including using sidewalks, crosswalks and designated school crossings whenever possible.


Safety Tips for Pedestrians:


*  Always walk on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk and you have to walk in the road,

always walk FACING traffic


*  Wear bright color clothing to increase visibility


*  Cross only at corners or marked crosswalks


*  Stop at the curb, or the edge of the road


*  Walk in groups, there is safety in numbers. Groups are more likely to be seen by drivers


*  Before crossing the street, stop and look left, then right, then left again


*  If you see a car, wait until it goes by. Then look left, right and left again until no cars are coming

Safety Tips for Bicyclist:


*  Wear a helmet


*  Be sure to have reflectors on your pedals, frame, and wheels


*  Be Seen – Be Aware – Be Predictable


*  Follow the Rules of the Road – Ride on the right, with the traffic, in single file. Obey stop

signs and traffic lights. Never cross a street without looking for cars. Give the right-of-way

to pedestrians in crosswalks


The Jackson Police Department hopes for all students to have a great school year and asks the entire community to join them in encouraging school safety throughout the year