- November 4, 2016

Housing Plan Available in Spanish

by Jackson Hole Radio News

As part of ongoing efforts of inclusion and outreach, the Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department is providing the newly approved Housing Supply Plan in Spanish.


“We are excited to offer this planning tool in Spanish and look forward to receiving feedback from our Latino community members,” Housing Director April Norton stated. “Our hope is that through communication we can better serve our diverse population.”


The Spanish and English versions of the Housing Supply Plan ­–  which was unanimously approved by the Teton Board of County Commissioners and Town Council in early October ­–  are available on the Housing Department website. (Direct link: /house/topics/supply-plan/254508/ )


Various community partners, including Teton County Public Health, One22, Shelter JH, the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance, Habitat for Humanity, Teton County Library, Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust, the JH Chamber of Commerce, St. John’s Medical Center, and the Community Foundation, are also helping to spread the word about this multilingual offering.


Town and County elected officials were quick to praise the outreach effort.


“The Latino population in Teton County is an integral part of our community,” Teton County Commissioner Smokey Rhea said. “Inviting them to participate in our planning and community development efforts by simply making information available in Spanish is a huge step forward in uniting our community.”


Jackson Mayor Sara Flitner agreed. “Communication is a bedrock for good results,” Flitner said. “I applaud all of our community partners who have committed to lending their expertise to ensure our community is aware of the action being taken to help solve our housing challenges. Bravo.”


The Housing Supply Plan focuses on three main tactics – the three “Ps” –  for creating workforce housing supply: Purchase land in Complete Neighborhoods, Partner with the private sector to construct workforce housing on that land, and Preserve existing housing units for the workforce in perpetuity. The 2012 Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan set a goal of housing at least 65 percent of our community’s workforce locally; currently 62 percent of the local workforce lives locally.





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