- June 22, 2017

Newspaper Gets a Bit Of Room

by Jackson Hole. Media

The local newspaper needed a bit more room on Buffalo Way  to do drop offs for supplies and asked theTown staff for the installation of a general public 30-minute loading zone along the west side of Buffalo Way (east side of the News & Guide Building) to serve as a means of providing adequate short term parking for loading and unloading of products/materials needed to operate their business.

They indicated when a delivery truck arrives and the curb area is parked with vehicles from the adjacent business properties in the area along the west side of Buffalo Way, it ends up forcing their semi tractor-trailer delivery to obstruct the south bound travel lane on Buffalo Way, during loading and unloading operations. This is why they are requesting the 30-minute loading zone, which can be used by all businesses in the area.

The stakeholders include Jackson Hole News & Guide, surrounding neighborhood businesses that park along Buffalo Way. The desired outcome would be for Town Council to provide input and direction to Town Staff on their desires relating to the request for the installation of a 66-ft long 30-minute loading zone along the east side of the Jackson Hole News & Guide Building on Buffalo Way. The council agreed. All in Favor

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