- June 20, 2017

Nothing To Stop You From START

by Jackson Hole. Media

START Encourages Ridership with Free Fares



Jackson, Wyo. June 19, 2017 – In a continued effort to reduce traffic, START Bus has eliminated the

fare for all bus rides between Jackson and Wilson, between Jackson and Stilson, and between Stilson and

Wilson. The bus ride from Stilson to Teton Village will remain free.

“The elimination of a bus fare for the trips to and from town to Wilson and Stilson is a focused effort to

help with the current traffic situation on HWY 22,” said Darren Brugmann, START Bus Director. “We

are attempting to reduce the number of cars on the road by encouraging START ridership.”

A fare of $3 will remain in place for individuals traveling to and from Jackson to the Teton Science School

residence, Calico/Roadhouse, Westbank, the Aspens and Teton Village. Riders traveling along the

Village Road (in between Stilson and Teton Village) will still have a $1 fare.

Riders can now jump on the Brown Line (Route 30) at 6:40 AM, 7:05 AM and 7:40 AM from Wilson

(Nora’s) to Jackson for free. They can also catch the Brown Line (Route 30) at 4:00 PM, 5:05 PM and

6:00 PM for free too.

These free bus fares started Friday are scheduled to last through the fall season. The fee structure will be

revisited before the winter schedule begins.

START Bus encourages you to consider supporting the reduction of summer traffic – ride the bus, walk,

bike or rideshare. Please check www.startbus.com for details on all of these summer routes, schedules

and fees or contact START Bus directly at (307) 733-4521.

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  • Please correct the obvious inaccuracy in this story:
    -Start bus rides will NOT be “free”. They will be paid for by us taxpayers, most of whom do not, and never will, ride the bus.

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