Top Stories November 16, 2017

Outdoor Recreation Task Force Recommends First Steps

by Jackson Hole. Media

The Wyoming Outdoor Recreation Task Force has released its report and recommendations to Governor Matt Mead. The task force represented industry, conservation, user groups and resource managers from around the state. 

“I commend the task force for their work and recommendations,” said Governor Mead, “I look forward to reviewing this report and working with the task force as we move forward.”

The Governor expects the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources to convene a “sub-cabinet” of state agencies (Tourism, Transportation, State Parks, Work Force Services, Game and Fish, State Lands, Business Council and others) to analyze recommendations and frame plans. 

The Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources, together with the Wyoming State Parks & Cultural Resources Commission has the statutory responsibility for planning and developing outdoor recreation resources for the state. The Department is developing an Office of Outdoor Recreation under the direction of Division of Parks Administrator Domenic Bravo.

“Outdoor recreation falls within our area of expertise,” said Administrator Bravo. “We recognize the importance of the industry. We also know that because of budgets this is a difficult time to embrace this challenge. The Task Force asked the state to find a way to do this by emphasizing existing strengths within agencies – they specifically suggested the state avoid creating a new agency. I am confident we have the means to do this and I believe we are up to the challenge.” 

Early plans for the office will include reallocating existing positions and creating a focus on statewide outdoor recreation.

“We have the tools and opportunity – we need to lead the charge in outdoor recreation,” said Governor Mead. “I will review these recommendations and with the help of the Task Force and sub-cabinet work forward.”


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