- December 26, 2017

Forest Looks For Input On Sled Dog Race & Mountain Festival

by Jackson Hole. Media

The Pinedale Ranger District, of the Bridger-Teton National Forest is seeking public comment regarding two recreation events that are proposed for February and/or March.


The first proposal is the Pinedale Sled Dog Classic to be held in February. Historically this multi-day

sled dog race would occur on the groomed Wyoming State Snowmobile trails in the Upper Green are of

the forest. This year, they are proposing to hold the races on Fremont Lake. If analysis determines this

not to be feasible, the second option of Willow Lake will be analyzed. In event that neither option are

feasible, the Green River snowmobile trails will be utilized, as there were no additional resource or

public concerns following this event in previous years.


Also, the Wind River Mountain Festival proponents are requesting authorization for a Winter Non-

Motorized Race, which involves skiing, biking (non-motorized), and running on the groomed snowmobile

trails in the Upper Green. This race would have two options; one being 28-miles long and the second

being 40-miles in length, utilizing groomed Wyoming State Snowmobile Trails (CD, N, and GL). The

proponents are considering a date of late February or early March.


Effects to extraordinary circumstances will be reviewed to determine if the projects can be categorically

excluded from documentation in an Environmental Analysis (EA) or Environmental Impact Statement

(EIS). Each permit includes requirements and operating procedures that are designed to prevent

impacts to natural resources and assure that Forest Service management objectives and public safety

are met. These provisions have been adjusted as needed over time. As such, significant issues are not



Based on the environmental analysis and public input, the Pinedale District Ranger will decide whether

or not to issue the above mentioned Recreation Special Use Authorizations for 5 year terms, and if so,

determine if any modifications are needed to the permitted use(s).


Public comments are requested by January 20, 2018. For more information, questions or comments

regarding this recreation event proposal, please contact Thea Koci at the Pinedale Ranger District Office

at 307- 367-5741, tckoci@fs.fed.us, or P.O. Box 220, Pinedale, WY.


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