News December 28, 2017

Jackson Crimestoppers: Don’t Advertise for Burglary

by Jackson Hole. Media

Jackson Hole Crimestoppers wants to help you keep the “humbug” out of Christmas. Packaging – especially from high-dollar gifts – should not be left at the curb, but they should be disposed of out of sight or taken to be recycled immediately. Be sure packages delivered to your door are taken in as soon as possible. Keep the receipts for all major purchases in a safe place along with serial numbers if possible. Holiday lights outside the home do more than spread Christmas cheer – they also light up areas around windows and doors where burglars might lurk. Don’t advertise on social media any plans for traveling and leaving your home unoccupied. If your trip will be an extended one, inform the Police or Sheriff’s Office of your plans and ask for a patrol check. Jackson Hole Crimestoppers also urges residents seeing any suspicious individuals lurking around neighborhoods to report them at 733-2331. Help keep the “happy” in the holidays.


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