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Hill Climb Permit Comes with Over 50 Conditions

by Jackson Hole. Media


The special event application made by the Jackson Hole Snow Devils for the World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb of 2018 will be discussed by the Jackson Town Council Tuesday evening. While the staff at the Town are recommending approval, it’s not without a few conditions.

57 conditions are attached to the application and regulate everything from recycling to the pouring of hot water on snow. Town officials even want to dictate the direction of plowed snow. Uphill, not downhill.

The noise from the event is also set to be controlled by the Town Council who says the applicant is expected to monitor the noise levels of the event to, “ensure that it is conducted in a manner that reduces the likelihood that it will disturb the residents of the surrounding area or neighborhood. In the event that complaints from residents are received, the person to whom this permit is issued shall be responsible for taking reasonable steps to see that the noise is abated in a timely manner.”

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  • “pouring hot water on snow”?
    You can’t be serious.
    Anyone who bought a house on that end of town in the last fifty years surely knows about the Hill Climb.

    Guess Muldoon and his posse gotta throw a bone to their supporters.

  • Really? Noise monitoring? It’s a snowmobile hillclimb for god’s sake. Obviously the Town doesn’t want to have a hillclimb anymore. Do you forget the charitable proceeds that come from the Snow Devils because of the money this event generates? It is the 2nd biggest money draw & pay event in Wyoming, after Cheyenne Frontier Days. Bring it to Sublette County-we have plenty of hills to climb and would love to have the revenue. And I don’t think we ever have a snow problem. Plus we have hundreds of empty hotel rooms available right now! Merchants would roll out the red carpet for the Snow Devils and the riders.

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