Top Stories May 17, 2018

Grossman Announces Town Council Run

by Jackson Hole. Media

Judd Grossman, who describes himself as a ‘No -growth libertarian candidate’ issued the announcement today.

“I will be running again for Town Council.

I’m running to fight against higher taxes, to keep local government small and focused, and to protect our valley from runaway development. I think when it comes to Jackson Hole you can call me a “No-Growth Libertarian.”


In the last election for Town Council in 2016, I received 1,812 votes but came in third place, just behind incumbents Jim Stanford and Hailey Morton Levinson.


Town and County elected officials have a voracious appetite for taxpayer dollars. After failing in 2016 to push through the General Excise Tax increase, local leaders immediately embarked on a mission to find new taxes to implement. I oppose any new taxes. I oppose any tax increases. And I oppose renewal of the Lodging Tax. Local government must stay in its lane, concentrate on its core responsibilities, and live within its means.


I believe that the benefits of growth in Jackson Hole have long ago turned mostly into negatives. We are “loving Jackson Hole to death”. Overpopulation, overdevelopment, commercialization, and over-promotion are rapidly destroying the character of this magic valley. An overheated economy generating thousands of jobs that require an in-migration of thousands of workers who then demand the development of thousands of housing units is driving a hyper-growth death spiral in a unique valley where small town, rural, open space and wildlife values should take priority over commercial endeavors.


I’ve been in love with Jackson Hole and the Town of Jackson since the moment I first set foot in the valley on New Year’s Day 1979. I’m married with two kids. I make my living as a professional musician. I am a former co-founder and co-owner of Planet Jackson Hole Weekly, and a former Town Planning Commissioner. I’m passionate about our town, and I’m humbly asking voters for the opportunity to help guide its future.”


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