Top Stories May 15, 2018

Mark Barron To Run For County Seat

by Jackson Hole Radio News

With proven experience in accountable budgets, public transparency and consensus driven

solutions, Mark Barron announced today his candidacy to serve as a Teton County Commissioner.

“I’m a candidate for Teton County Commission because it’s time to bring the focus back to the people. I’ll provide

leadership to bring spending under control because our tax base should not ever be treated as the county credit card.

We can do better than exponential tax increases in a place that is already expensive to live,” Barron said.

Barron said his campaign will focus on private sector housing opportunities through appropriate zoning and parking

regulations. “We need to move past growth/no growth debates and work together toward solutions.

“We can and should increase transparency in government by inviting more participation. Published agendas so the

public knows of and can attend discussions that lead to decisions. We can do better to hold public meetings when

people can actually attend, not at 9 am when most working people are on the job.

Barron indicated a need to support non-profit human services contracts, “We have always been a compassionate

community, being there for those in need. In times like these, when the state’s budget is seriously challenged, we have

an obligation to step up.

This campaign’s not about me – I had the opportunity to work hard, make a home, and raise a family here. I’m

championing you…the citizens in this great community…so each of you can empower the best ideas yet