- June 4, 2018

Wyoming Game and Fish Department Law Enforcement Report Released

by Jackson Hole. Media

Take a glimpse inside the law enforcement efforts of Wyoming’s game wardens–the 2017 Wyoming Game and Fish Department Law Enforcement report is now available. This annual report highlights the law enforcement efforts and related activities of Game and Fish law enforcement personnel throughout the state.

“Game and Fish places a high-priority on wildlife law enforcement to meet the public’s expectations to conserve wildlife and enforce boating laws. We invest significant manpower and resources protecting our exceptional wildlife resources and ensuring public safety,” said Game and Fish Chief Game Warden Brian Nesvik. “This year, the Department’s 85 law enforcement officers initiated nearly 4,300 enforcement actions including dozens of investigations related to serious crimes perpetrated against Wyoming’s wildlife and citizens.”

Inside the report are regional stories of some of the unique and most notable solved poaching cases of the year. Many of these cases were solved due to public tips via the Stop Poaching hotline..

“Game and Fish thanks the public for their efforts in helping us protect and conserve their wildlife. Together, we have made a difference, and that is visible over this past year by our successful law enforcement efforts within Wyoming, many due to concerned members of the public,” said Nesvik.

The report notes in 2017, 384 Stop Poaching tips were received from members of the public through the Stop Poaching hotline, text tip line and the Game and Fish website. Game Wardens followed up on these tips, and in several instances, they were able to confirm wildlife violations and identify possible suspects. Investigations due to the Stop Poaching program led to 63 citations and 28 warnings being issued to violators. Reward payouts to individuals who reported violations resulting in successful prosecution totalled $6,650, and are paid through the Wyoming Wildlife Protectors Association. Defendants charged as a result of tips made to the Stop Poaching Program paid $14,845 in fines and restitution. In all, there were more than 4,000 law enforcement actions statewide in 2017.

Other areas of interest within the report include the work of the Wildlife Forensic and Fish Health Laboratory, the Wear it Wyoming watercraft safety program and the Large Carnivore Section as well as newly enacted legislation and special enforcement efforts around the Aug. 21 solar eclipse.

To stay informed on Game and Fish law enforcement year round, visit the Game and Fish law enforcement website.

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