Top Stories August 10, 2018

Christensen Blasts Bank of The West, Promises to Cut Ties as Treasurer

by Jackson Hole. Media

“Wyoming should work with those who respect and invest in Wyoming workers.”

Upon learning of Wyoming Treasurer Mark Gordon’s plan to cut ties with Bank of the West, Senator Leland Christensen commended the Treasurer’s action and committed to completely sever ties with banks who turn their back on Wyoming industries and Wyoming workers.

Christensen admonished the French-owned, San Francisco-based company for their actions saying:  

“The Bank of the West’s recent radical stance against the coal and oil and gas industries is an embarrassment. Wyoming should work with those who respect and invest in Wyoming workers and Wyoming industries. It’s appalling that a firm who calls itself the Bank of the West would turn its back on hardworking western people.”

“If elected as Wyoming’s next State Treasurer, I will continue with the complete severing of ties wisely started by Treasurer Gordon this week. Wyoming people work hard to provide the energy that powers the world. There is no room in Wyoming’s banking relationships for those who disrespect our core industries and seek to undermine our way of life.”

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