- September 25, 2018

Gordon Statement on Reinstatement of Grizzly Protections

by Jackson Hole. Media

Treasurer Mark Gordon, the Republican nominee for Governor of Wyoming, released the following statement after a federal judge ruled the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service must return grizzly bears to the Endangered Species List.

“I’m disappointed that activist litigation has succeeded in superseding the diligent work of Wyoming biologists, wildlife experts and local stakeholders in developing a conservative policy to keep the population of grizzlies healthy and reduce human conflicts. With grizzly bear populations exceeding recovery goals for many years, Wyoming’s decision to reinstate a limited hunt was based in science and sound local planning.”

“This decision is unfortunate as it narrows the management options for a species which is witnessing increasingly problematic encounters with humans as both populations grow. By limiting the management options available to a status quo and precluding a reasonable hunting alternative, I believe this decision effectively relegates problem bears to a life of trapping, transportation, and euthanasia where other options might have helped to restore mutual respect between bears and humans thereby reducing the overall incidence for potentially fatal encounters.”

Earlier this year, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission voted to allow limited hunting of grizzly bears in Wyoming. Grizzly bears within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem were removed from protection under the Endangered Species Act in June of 2017. This most recent ruling effectively places grizzly bears around the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem back on the Endangered Species List.

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