Top Stories October 9, 2018

Bear Sighted In Cottonwoods

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Residents of the Cottonwoods subdivision in Jackson were startled Monday morning to see a large bear moving through their neighborhoods. After a short stroll through the neighborhoods the bear made its way to Boyles Hill and on the Snake River bottoms. Mike Boyce, Large Carnivore Biologist for the Game and Fish Department says it was a cinnamon colored black bear and its presence this time of year really is no surprise. Boyce says, “It’s pretty typical for the fall for bears to be very active as they’re preparing to hibernate for the winter. So as the berry crop starts to fade, bears might potentially be looking for alternative food sources like garbage.”  Boyce goes on, “I think it’s just a good reminder to folks to keep things secure to the best of their ability.” While the bear continued on its way without incident, and apparently without getting a food reward, Boyce says it serves as a reminder that people need to properly store any potential bear attractants like garbage, pet food, bird seed and other food items to assure they are unavailable. Boyce also asks residents to report the presence of a bear if they see one. Boyce asks that if there is any bear activity in residential areas, residents should contact the Game and Fish Department to let them know. To report a bear or other wildlife, people may call the Wyoming Game and Fish office at 307-733-2321.