- October 24, 2018

Fire- EMS Recruit

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Jackson Hole Fire-EMS is looking for a few good men and women. To that end, the department has launched a recruitment drive from now through November. Battalian Chief Matt Redwine explains that the number of members on the volunteer force is currently on the low end of what they would like to have in reserve.

Membership would be linked to the part of the county a volunteer lives or spends most of their time. Redwine says the biggest needs right now are at the outlying stations like Hoback, Moran or Adams Canyon.  Redwine points out that the department’s focus is on services beyond fire suppression.

Redwine says new recruits will spend the first couple years participating in online and hands on training, but he quickly adds that all members continue to keep up on learning new technologies and methods. Redwine says modern firefighting is based as much on being smart as physically capable. Those interested in volunteering may apply at tetonwyo.org/fire.