- October 22, 2018

Scammers Target Sublette County

by Jackson Hole Radio News

A national scam has begun involving the Sublette County Sheriff’s office. The office began receiving calls last week from concerned citizens throughout the country who are receiving calls from fake family members needing bail to be released from the Sublette County jail. The number is coming up as a call from their official line by being spoofed by the scammers to look legitimate. However, the Sublette County Detention Center uses Securus Technologies for their inmate phone system, and all of the inmates’ outgoing calls show a caller ID number of 307-367-2019. The system further notifies the recipient when they answer that it is a “Call from the inmate at the Sublette County Jail” prior to the system making the voice connection. Sheriff’s officials also advise that they currently only accept cash or money from a Bail Bondsman for releases and do not accept credit cards over the phone for bail.


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