- October 30, 2018

Teton Barber Poll Results

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The results of the pre-election Teton Barber political poll were announced yesterday, and we combed through the results. In the race for US Representative, Democrat Greg Hunter brushed by Republican Liz Cheney 52 to 26. Richard Brubaker garnered 4 votes. In the Senate race, Democrat Gary Trauner bested Republican John Barrasso by a trim 58 to 28 while Joseph Porambo had 2 votes. In the race for Governor, the barber poll saw Mark Gordon ahead of Democrat Mary Throne by a close shave – 43 to 42. Lawrence Struempf had 3 votes and Rex Rammell received 2. For Wyoming House District 23, Andy Schwartz buzzed by Alex Muromcew by 54 to 10. In District 22, Independent Jim Roscoe clipped Republican Marti Halverson 38 to 16. It was Republican Barbara Allen over Democrat Mike Yin by a hair – 39 to 31. In the race for State Senate, Democrat Mike Gierau nicked Republican Kate Mead 63 to 23, and Sheriff’s candidate Matt Carr commanded 53 votes to Michele Webber’s 19 votes and Slade Ross’s 13. In the race for Teton County Commissioner, Democrat Mark Newcomb attracted 63 votes, Republican Mark Barron received 50, Democrat Luther Probst claimed 47 votes, Democrat Sedar Davis took 30 votes, Republican Andrew Byron had 26, Republican Mary Martin came in with 20 votes, Independent Wes Gardner saw 11 votes and Independent Sandy Ress had 5. The non-partisan election for town council showed Arne Jorgensen with 33 votes, Don Frank with 25, Jonathan Schechter with 22 and Jessica Chambers with 8. Results for the lodging tax were 38 in favor and 32 against. Of course since this is only a straw poll, it shouldn’t leave anyone in a lather.