News November 6, 2018

Equine Quarantine Lifted

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Wyoming State Veterinarian, Dr. Jim Logan, has repealed all of the quarantines that were issued in August and September on Wyoming horses – including horses in Teton County – that were exposed to a Colorado horse known to be infected with Equine Infectious Anemia. All exposed horses that were under the quarantine have since been tested twice at least 60 days apart with negative results. Consequently, the quarantines can be safely lifted since the animals pose no threat to other Wyoming horses. The quarantined premises were located in Fremont, Laramie, Lincoln, Natrona, Park, Sweetwater and Teton counties. EIA is a viral disease spread by biting flies. The virus causes anemia, but can also be carried by horses that show no symptoms of the disease, and can infect the vectors causing other equine exposure. There is no vaccine and no treatment for the disease, and horses that test positive are required to be euthanized or placed under quarantine for life.

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