Top Stories November 7, 2018

Snow King to Spin Lifts on Green Power

by Jackson Hole Radio News
Snow King Mountain Resort recently committed to operate all their lifts on 100% Green Power, provided by Lower Valley Energy (LVE). SKMR leadership worked with Energy Conservation Works and LVE to better understand their energy use and to evaluate their options to transition their operations to renewable electricity. Just as any other member of LVE can do, they opted to join the Green Power program to power their lifts.
Industry-wide, ski areas are increasingly committing to green power. This recognized trend has been seen across resorts of all sizes and locations. As an industry that will be particularly affected by a changing climate, shortening winters, and more fickle snowfall, reducing operating footprints and emissions is a logical step for resorts to adopt and one that resonates with customers.
Analysis shows that resorts also receive beneficial preference from consumers based on the strength of sustainability initiatives. An internal study conducted by Trip Advisor found that participants in their Green Leaders program were 20% more likely to be booked. The National Ski Areas Association publication, Dollars and Sense of Sustainability also reports that resorts engaging in sustainability initiatives reported higher profitability.
“We are excited to have all our lifts running on 100% Green Power and to contribute to the environmental sustainability of our community,” says Snow King General Manager Ryan Stanley. “Snow King aspires to do more as our business itself becomes sustainable in the future and look forward to one day exceeding environmental best practices within the industry and community.”
With its commitment to Green Power for the lift operations, nearly half of Snow King Ski Area’s electricity needs will be met from local, Green Power resources. Much of the Green Power provided through LVE is produced at the Horsebutte Wind Farm, outside Idaho Falls. Additional Green Power comes from several local micro-hydroelectric facilities owned and operated by LVE. The Town of Jackson and Teton County both purchase the electricity from these local hydro projects.
According to ECW’s Director Phil Cameron, ‘It’s very exciting that the ‘Town Hill’ has joined our community-wide effort to increase local demand for Green Power.’ He continued, ‘We recognize that this is an investment for Snow King and with it they join other cornerstone organizations and individuals in our community in making the choice to use their dollars to support renewable and more sustainable energy.’
Energy Conservation Works partnered with Lower Valley Energy in September of 2017, launching an effort to increase participation in the Green Power program. In that time hundreds of residents and business owners have chosen to switch their power to Green sources. Snow King represents one of the largest commercial commitments to Green Power during the campaign.