- December 26, 2018

49er Ball Hosted By Riot Act

by Jackson Hole Radio News


A long-standing tradition in Jackson Hole changing hands. Riot Act, Inc. is staging this year’s 122ndannual 49er Ball – formerly sponsored by the Jackson Hole Lions Club.  Once again, the event will be held at the Virginian on February 16th. This year, there are six contestants running for 49er Ball Royalty. For their selection,Riot Act is taking a little different approach.  The six contestants are all compete against each other.  Whoever receives the most votes will win – 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Place.  Those wishing to vote can visit the Riot Act website –  www.riotactinc.org/49er-ball/,  and Pick their favorite contestant. It costs $1 per vote and you may vote as many times as you like. Tickets to the event may also be purchased at the site.



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