- December 26, 2018

Airport Delays Caused By Disabled Equipment

by Jackson Hole Radio News

A number of people coming to Jackson Hole on Tuesday night had to delay the start of their Christmas holiday in the valley until Wednesday.  According to the airport administration, the airport had a piece of snow removal equipment become disabled on the runway shortly before 9:00 pm. The equipment, a multi-functional plow vehicle, is described as being larger than an average semi. While efforts were made to remove the piece of equipment from the runway, the piece of equipment couldn’t be moved in time for the scheduled arrivals or the one departure. Because this piece of equipment was on the runaway, three inbound flights were diverted to Denver and Salt Lake City and the one outbound flight was rescheduled to depart the Jackson Hole Airport on December 26th.  The Airlines rebooked the affected passengers to travel on Wednesday, December 26th.

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