- December 24, 2018

Appeal Filed On Griz Delisting

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Tonight’s deadline has been met for the filing of an appeal to the decision to relist the Greater Yellowstone Grizzly Bear, with that appeal being filed jointly by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming and several hunting advocacy groups.  The appeal seeks to have the judgement made by U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen in Montana last October reconsidered on the grounds that the judge failed to consider the entire grizzly population in his decision. Bear biologists say the Grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone area have increased in numbers more than four-fold since 1975 when they were first listed as threatened. The lawsuit seeking to halt the delisting of the grizzly bears was brought about by the Crow Indian nation together with other native American groups on the basis the bear is not fully recovered in all of the regions that would be covered by the delisting.

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