- December 5, 2018

Bag Ban Moves Forward

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Jackson Town Council passed on second reading the much-discussed ordinance to ban single-use plastic bags currently used by retail businesses for purchases made by their patrons.

Once again, there was considerable input provided by business interests during the Monday night meeting. Most of that discussion centered around the 20¢fee that would be levied, largely seeking to have whatever revenue is collected remain with the retailer to defray the costs of new bags as well as the additional oneness of administration of the program at the retail level; including the continual inventory of bags. Several speakers suggested the fee be reduced to 10¢ in order to be more reasonable for the shopper. There was also debate regarding the need for long-term education of the public beyond the initial period of local shoppers’ behavior modification. Overall, support for the basic principle of the ordinance was voiced by those speaking. The rollout schedule once the ordinance is passed is to be April 15thfor grocery stores and large retailers, and November 1stfor the smaller businesses. Monday’s passage came with no changes from the first reading.


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  • Total waste of time. Wasted time meeting about this issue. Petty. When push comes to shove, the real problem is Paperwaste. MC Donalds ect. 1 burger simply wasting: 2 napkins, a reciept, a paper bag and a burger wraper, and if fries, a fry box! And the food quality is level c dog food meat. This is legal? Bags serve a purpose. I reuse all my plasic bags for various purposes. But paper grociery bags sweat from cold and tear and have a flimsy reuse. Here we are on a world wide scale. Paper waste. Up the wazzoo. And then we have a small tiny community wasting time, energy and resources on small time issues. RAINFORESTS CUT DOWN for paper. Oxygen making units called trees. For a reciept and wrapper! Just like you rich people getting richer only to wastr more time on what type of tile floor for your mansion, meanwhile poor Puerto Rico is decimated for a year and a half from a hurricane. Then you wana get together for a ban of plastic bags. Wow. Wake up. We live we die. Yeah personal canvas shopping bags were saving the world…. Yeah the eggshell tile is perfect… Well no we decided wood floors. This is why we need a revival of true classic values. But no your accessorizing and facebooking….

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