Top Stories December 4, 2018

DCI Investigates Recluse’s Pot Facility

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigations has joined with the Teton County Sheriff’s Investigations division, and the Jackson Hole Fire Department Haz-Mat Team to investigate circumstances surrounding 69-year-old Jeffery Archer’sunattended death in the Game Creek area. According to the Teton County Sheriff’s office, investigators last week discovered a basement that was initially inaccessible from the rest of the house. The entrance to the basement had been concealed behind a 6-foot tall pile of trash and debris. Investigators discovered an abandoned large indoor marijuana grow in the hidden basement with over a hundred plants; some cut down, some still in pots and grow beds.  The entire operation appears to have been abandoned for well over a year and all of the plants were in an advanced state of decay. Investigators believe Archer was solely responsible for the grow. Due to the extreme health hazard presented by the condition of the home, investigators sealed the home and returned with a haz-mat level response Friday. All of the marijuana was collected and destroyed. As yet, no relatives of Archer have been located.