- December 19, 2018

Teton Backcountry Alliance Formed

by Jackson Hole Radio News

An ad hoc organization has been formed focusing on the need to find balance between backcountry access and stewardship. Teton Backcountry Alliance outlines community, conservation and access as three of its priorities. In a press release announcing the establishment of the organization, the growing popularity of winter recreation on Teton Pass, in Grand Teton National Park and on other public lands in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem was cited as increasing pressure and impacts on the finite backcountry resources, from powder to parking to winter wildlife. The group points out that skier- and snowboarder-triggered avalanches have closed the Pass multiple times since 2010, in some instances burying vehicles and endangering commuters in the process. This in turn has caught the attention of the Wyoming Department of Transportation, which is charged with keeping the Pass open to commuters in winter. The organization hopes to use events like the three happy-hours they have scheduled over the next three months to foster camaraderie among Teton backcountry enthusiasts and to address steps the backcountry users can take to keep Teton Pass open. Exact dates and locations for the happy hours have yet to be announced.



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