- January 30, 2019

Medicare Scam Advisory

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Law enforcement agencies around the state are warning of a new scam going around which is targeting elderly citizens on Medicare. The scammer is saying that the victim is being issued new Medicare cards and that the victim’s account needs to be verified. The scammer then collects personal information including Medicare account numbers and Social Security numbers from the victim.With Medicare, as a rule, you will not be contacted over the phone — all communication is sent through the mail — so it is never OK to give out any personal data to a caller, particularly your Social Security number or banking information. Law enforcement agencies in Wyoming advise if any group or organization calls you asking for personal information, hang up and call the group or organization at a phone number you know is valid. Keep in mind it is easy for scammers to call you from a spoofed phone number, which is a number that looks like a local phone number, but isn’t.