- February 5, 2019

Elk Feeding Yet To Begin

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Elk wintering on the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole are still foraging for their own meals. Refuge Spokesperson Lori Iverson says an assessment was done last week and will be done again after this storm to determine if conditions warrant supplemental feeding. Iverson explains that although the amount of snow can be an impact, it’s more the access to forage biologists are concerned about. Light, fluffy snow that can be pawed through isn’t as much of a concern as icing conditions that create a barrier that elk find it difficult to break through. Feeding typically begins mid-December depending on conditions. Last year, there was no need to distribute supplemental feed at all. Winter feeding of elk in Jackson Hole began in 1910 and was originally initiated to reduce winter mortality of elk, thereby helping preserve a population of animals important to local residents and interest groups.


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