- February 15, 2019

Game And Fish Reminds About Wildlife In Yards

by Jackson Hole Radio News

This time of year, our Facebook posts get filled with pictures of wildlife wandering through the neighborhoods. Wyoming Game and Fish Spokesman Mark Gocke says it is fairly common to have deer, elk or moose make their ways into town and be seen in residential and developed areas.

Gocke says people need to watch for wildlife in the yard, especially at night or in the early morning. He says if you let your pets out, a dog or cat could be stomped by a moose. He also cautions that children heading to the bus stop when wildlife is present should be cautioned or even accompanied so they don’t have a run-in with the animal that could lead to an injury. Gocke says if residents perceive a safety issue, they should report it and Game and Fish officers will respond to it right away.