- February 14, 2019

Park Will Replace Lewis River Bridge

by Jackson Hole Radio News

A major construction project on the South Entrance Road in Yellowstone National Park has been approved one year from now. On December 21st,the National Park Service Acting Intermountain Regional Director Kate Hammond signed a Finding of No Significant Impact for an environmental assessment to replace the Lewis River Bridge in Yellowstone National Park. The replacement will be built on a new alignment directly east of the existing bridge. Parking and pedestrian areas located north and south of the existing bridge will be redesigned and reconstructed. The park considered two alternatives in its EA with the approved action, shifting the South Entrance Road several hundred feet to line up with the new bridge. Traffic will continue on the existing bridge while the new bridge is under construction. The Lewis River Falls Overlook Trail and parking areas would be closed during construction. This plan will also reduce localized vehicle congestion in the area of the falls. Depending upon funding, roadwork could begin as early as spring 2020 and last for two consecutive years concluding in the spring of a third year.

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