- February 25, 2019

Pocatello’s NBC Not On Satellite Service

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Direct TV subscribers will not be able to access NBC Channel 6 out of Pocatello, Idaho due to a contract dispute. Direct TV made the announcement Monday. Northwest Broadcasting has been negotiating with Direct TV for 15 months. Northwest has granted dozens of extensions as we made it our mission to negotiate a new programming contract with Directv TV without disrupting their subscribers. The disagreement is over a financial contract. Between Direct TV and the local TV station

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  • Oh yes. The same story you gave us in Jackson when you pulled the plug on the super bowl and the olympics. Why is it always NBC?

  • Dear DirecTV, we appreciate your efforts in keeping our fees reasonable. Though it has been extremely frustrating, and continues to be so, I think to put the”sting” to Northwest Broadcasting with their unreasonable offers in attempting to collect 600 percent, all consumers should boycott them and DirecTV should offer the local channel connector to its customers at a reasonable, if not zero, rate in order to keep your customers happy with your excellent service! Please consider this request and possibly forward this message to Northwest so that they can see we are NOT willing to play their game!

  • I have been a DTV customer for well over 10 years and this is really annoying. Most of my favorite shows are on NBC. If mot for NFL Sunday Ticket I would have dropped DTV over this. Get your act together!

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