- February 20, 2019

Wyoming Creates Public Lands Day

by Jackson Hole Radio News

House Bill 99, Wyoming Public Lands Day, has reached the Senate. This bill creates a day of special recognition- the 4th Saturday in September, to be aligned with National Public Lands Day which pays tribute to the importance of public lands in Wyoming in supporting the economy, open spaces, wildlife, and recreational opportunities. Under the bill, the governor would issue a proclamation requesting the proper observance of “Public Lands Day” by September first of each year. The measure would encourage appropriate observance to be held by the public and in all public schools of the state. However, the measure would not authorize public schools, business or state and local government offices to close. Proponents of the bill say establishment of the observance could encourage the public to come together and complete community conservation and enhancement projects as well as support keeping our public lands public and open for public access to everyone.


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