Top Stories March 17, 2019

Governor Doesn’t Sign Or Veto County Zoning Bill

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon refused to sign the bill passed by the state legislature this year exempting Wyoming’s private schools from local zoning regulations, but he didn’t veto it either. In a strongly-worded letter to the lawmakers, Gordon stated,“No other bill in this legislative session has sparked more correspondence to the Office of the Governor than Senate File 49.” The bill resulted from a disagreement between Jackson Hole’s Classical Academy and the county commission over the design of a school they want to build. Gordon challenged the authority of the bill asking “Are the duly elected local officials ultimately more accountable to the people they serve than the legislature which is made up of many representatives answering to constituents elsewhere?” Gordon observed that the change in statute contemplated in this bill erodes some degree of local control from allcounties in Wyoming. A decision whether or not to veto the bill he said would involve a review that would be all to superficial. Overall, he said he believes the bill is flawed and as such was not about to sign it. None-the-less, lacking a clear veto, the bill passes into law. Gordon said he recommends that the legislature and local governments continue to work to find a better way to sort out the types of impasses that brought about this legislation closer to home.


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