- March 1, 2019

Grazing Fees Reduced

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The grazing fee on federal lands in Wyoming has been reduced. The Federal grazing fee for 2019 will drop to $1.35 per animal unit month for public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management and $1.35 per head month for lands managed by the USDA Forest Service which represents a decrease from the 2018 Federal grazing fee of $1.41 per animal unit month. The newly calculated grazing fee was determined by a congressional formula and takes effect today.  The fee will apply to nearly 18,000 grazing permits and leases administered by the BLM and nearly 6,500 permits administered by the Forest Service. The annually determined grazing fee is established using a 1966 base value of $1.23 per animal unit month for livestock grazing on public lands in Western states.  The figure is then calculated according to three factors—current private grazing land lease rates, beef cattle prices, and the cost of livestock production.  In effect, the fee rises, falls, or stays the same based on market conditions.


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