- March 1, 2019

Motorized Travel Network To Grow In Greys

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Greys River District Ranger, Justin Laycock of Bridger-Teton National Forest has signed a decision regarding travel management changes in the Middle Greys River area that creates a multi-loop network for motorized vehicles up to 64” wide. Laycock chose a combination of two alternatives for his decision for improving a motorized trail network near Star Valley, WY. The draft decision was released last June 12th. The final decision was an effort to balance various resource and recreation perspectives in a way that would yield a positive outcome for the communities and the resources. The decision results in a total of 36-miles of motorized trail as compared with the existing 10-miles. There are also 22-miles of roads and trails in the project area open for full size vehicle use. The decision and earlier analysis documents are available on the Bridger-Teton National Forest website.

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