- March 18, 2019

Wolf Delisting Bill Is Bipartisan

by Jackson Hole Radio News

A bipartisan effort has been launched to bring about the delisting the gray wolf. U.S. Senators Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, along with John Barrasso, and Mike Enzi of Wyoming, have have introduced the legislation that seeks to delist the gray wolf in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Wyoming under the Endangered Species Act of 1973.


Under the bill, wolf management plans based on federal and state wildlife expertise would be allowed to move forward without legal ambiguity. Senator Johnson argued that gray wolf listing decisions should come from state wildlife experts, not partisan federal judges.


Barrasso adds, “Wyoming has clearly demonstrated that a state can manage the gray wolf population successfully.”  Moreover, Enzi says states have the best understanding for how to manage wolves in their areas. Says Enzi: “I trust local wildlife managers to manage wildlife better than those in Washington thousands of miles away.”



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