- May 16, 2019

Park Paving Process Proceeds

by Jackson Hole Radio News

With the end to ice and snow on park roads for the season, it’s time for another form of traffic delays – chip sealing. Pavement preservation work on U.S. Highway 89 and other areas in Grand Teton National Park may begin today (weather permitting), and travelers should expect up to 15-minute daytime delays as chip seal activities get underway.

Work on U.S. Highway 89 will begin at the park’s southern boundary and continue northbound throughout the summer, extending to the south gate of Yellowstone National Park. The park-wide pavement preservation project is expected to be completed by the end of September.

Visitors will see increased construction signage and equipment staging throughout the park. Activities include patching holes and sealing cracks in the pavement surface, applying a chip seal or micro seal on the road surface, followed by a fog seal to reduce airborne gravel. Striping will be the final action.

The project is funded and managed in partnership with the Federal Lands Highway Program.