Top Stories May 19, 2019

Park Releases Priorities

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Yellowstone has released a series of major strategic priorities to guide short and long-term decision-making over the upcoming years. The priorities focus heavily on the park’s team and organization, strengthening the condition of the Yellowstone ecosystem, improving visitor experience, investing in infrastructure, and expanding partnerships and coalitions. Each of the priorities has a range of focus areas and actions that have been identified and will be continually refined and updated.

The first of those priorities are the working and living conditions of the Yellowstone team. The park will also seek to understand and respond to the effects of climate change, promoting large landscape and wildlife conservation efforts, and protecting the condition of Yellowstone’s cultural and historic resources.

Another concern is how to handle increased visitation in upcoming years. That will also mean investing in the park’s deteriorating infrastructure.Park Superintendent Cam Sholly says Yellowstone’s success in these goals is predicated on strong partnerships and coalitions with tribes, elected officials, environmental and conservation groups, concessioners, communities, states, federal cooperators and philanthropic organizations.